Polali Raja Rajeshwari Temple

Polali Raja Rajeshwari Temple

Shree Rajarajeshwari temple is located at Polali in Kariyangala Village of Bantwal Taluk in Dakshina Kannada District of Karnataka State. Polali is situated at the distance of about 200 yards from the Gurpur River.


Puliapura is its Sanskrit version. In Kannada this is called Polali. It is believed that King Suratha got the temple constructed, installed the image and placed his own crown on the head of the image. This is an ancient temple. This temple has been alluded to in the Ashokan inscriptions and in the reports of the foreign travelers who visited India. Queen Chennammaji of Keladi visited Polali and got a grand chariot constructed for the temple.

Major Attraction

The annual car festive, which lasts for a month, attracts a large number of people. Six days before the close of the festival, commences a football tournament called 'Polali Chanabeor 'Polali Chendu' which lasts for four days. The tournament is highly popular and attracts large crowds of spectators. The football is made of straw and leather. About 500 persons take part in it. Any number of persons can compete on either side and the only rule is that whichever side succeeds in sending the ball to the other end is the winner. The play is said to represent the mythological fight between gods and demons and the car festival which follows is said to indicate the victory of the former over the latter.