Kerala Boat House

Kerala Boat House

Kerala Boat house is the finest boat house in Kerala (A unit of Kerala canoe tourism houseboats). A floating holiday on the backwaters highway with Kerala boat house is perhaps the most enchanting holiday experience in the world.


To label Alappuzha (The Malayalam name for Alleppey) The ‘Venice of the East' might today appear a far-etched cliche of travelogue writers, but this quaint little town is certainly the Venice of India. Nowhere else will you find, spread out across the center of town, a unique crisscrossing network of canals on which thatched country boats punt along leisurely. The proximity of lakes adds to the Venetian ambience.

For tourists Alleppey is the pivotal point for trips into Kerala's famed backwaters and the state's lush rice bowl, Kuttanadu, Between Quilon to the south and Kottayam to the east lie some of the most entrancing scenery of palm-lined banks, quiet water-bound villages and little boats taking the local people to and fro-everything framed in green.

Apart from the boat trips through the town's many canals and lakes, Alleppey offers glimpses of the coir manufacturing process-from the coconut husk tot the final rope/coir yarn stage. There are also several shops selling coir matting and carpets, often at prices cheaper than elsewhere.

The long sandy beach at Alleppey has a lighthouse and a pier jutting out into the sea, once active in the unloading of goods from ships calling at Alleppey. Children can romp in the Vijay Beach Park.