Kapu Beach

Kapu Beach

Kaup, pronounced as Kapu in the local Tulu language, is a village or a small town in Udupi district of Karnataka, India. It lies on the way between Udupi and Mangalore beside National Highway 66 (previously NH-17). A road from Kaup goes to interior places like Manchakal, Shirva.

Kaup is a coastal town in Karnataka State, India, consisting of 4 villages (Padu, Uliyargoli, Mallar and Majur) with a population exceeding 45,000. It is 13 km south of Udupi ( a town famous for its ancient Krishna Temple) and 40 km north of Mangalore ( a port). It is famous for its lighthouse and the three Mariamma temples and a fort built by Tippu Sultan.

There is a beach on the shore of the Arabian Sea and a lighthouse. Many films have been shot at this location. Kaup has three Marigudi which attracts devotees from far away places. The sea is much more rougher and intimidating compared to the gentler Malpe beach in Udupi. It is about 15 km from Manipal and is a favorite hangout for students. The beach also sports a shack and a bar with seating in the open sky. Though the sea is mostly calm all year round, there have been isolated cases of drowning in this beach.

KAPU (or KAUP) is located in Udupi village on the Western Coast National Highway near the city of Udupi in southern Karnataka, India. It is less explored but a visit to Southern Karnataka is incomplete without a visit to Kapu. Its main attraction is the lighthouse. Presence of rocks in the coastline makes the sea rough and one can get a good feel of the power of Arabian sea in its crushing waves.

The kapu light house was built in 1901 and has for these many years stood on the rocks guiding thousands of sailors and warning the presence of dangerous rocks.It stands 27.12 m above the base.The lighthouse is open for visitors between 4PM to 6PM and the panoramic view offered is magnificent.